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2 We are a company of girlfriends creating a company for girlfriends. We struggle with the same daily choices and celebrate the same daily wins, whether in person over drinks or via text in our group chats. We know that some days you're in the mood for world domination, while other days you just crave coffee and some silence. We're here for you while you shatter glass ceilings, prioritize self-care, stay at home, venture out, focus on others, focus on yourself, start your transformation, drop that old goal, embrace that new one, fight back, fight on, hit the gas, slow it down, stay present. We want you to embody your body so you can embody your purpose, whether that means dressing up or dressing down. We'll support you no matter what—with long conversations, a fabulous night out, or yeah, great shapewear and bra-free bras. No matter where you've been, where you are, or where you're goin' —we're here and we will always be your girlfriend first. FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER @annazornosa

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