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Ruby Ribbon Spring 2019 Line Sheet

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Please check the Product Alert in your back office for current information on sizes in stock and re-order dates. 2 Product List (Updated 1/8/2019) EVERGREEN - Not all colors are considered evergreen. Check the Product Alert for a full list of evergreen styles & colors. LASER CUT LEGGINGS 1632 XS–3XL $89 Black REVERSIBLE SPORT CROP LEGGINGS 1596 XS–M $89 COLORBLOCK CROP LEGGINGS 1545 XS–3XL $79 Desert Rose/Black Night Sky SHEER PANEL CROP LEGGINGS 1453 XS–3XL $79 Blue Tile Pale Black Pale SHEER HIGH WAIST BRIEF 3015 XS–3XL $59 Black Pale SHEER SLIP 3041 32–44 $99 Black Pale V–NECK SLIP 3002 XS–3XL $54 Black Champagne Black Champagne BOY SHORT 4836 XS–3XL $39 Black Champagne CONVERTIBLE SLIP 4132 32–40 $69 PETALS 1415 one size $15 CLEAR ADJUSTABLE STRAPS 0358/0359 32–46 $15 ON WAIST THIGH SLIMMER 3030 XS–3XL $49 Pale Caramel Mocha Black HIGH WAIST THIGH SLIMMER 4019 XS–3XL $59 Pale Caramel Mocha Black Black Pale FULL BODY SHAPER 3031 XS–3XL $99 Full Body Shaping Accessories Legs: Active Leggings SHAPING BRIEF (PRINTS) 4064 XS–3XL $49 Cheetah Viper Polka Dot Ditsy Silver Plum SHAPING BRIEF (SOLIDS) 4064 XS–3XL $39 Black White Pale Caramel Mocha Blush Kiss Midnight Wine Deep Sea New New

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