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R U B Y R I B B O N. C O M R U B Y R I B B O N. C O M Anna Zornosa Founder & CEO @ annazornosa S o , w e a l l a g re e : b ra s a re t h e w o rs t . And we know that a lot of bra-makers are often the biggest culprits of creating the brama. They think we want to push them up, smash them down, enhance them and adorn them with trimmings just for show–and they missed the point entirely. We want comfort. ÕĕƺêŘƚƍƢƂƂŢƅƚ˴ÕĕƺêŘƚƚijĕčêƅŘƚijĸŘĭƚŢǏƚ˴Every. Single. Day. Oh and we want it to be gorgeous: beauty + brains. In 2019, is that really too much to ask? He re's a n e w s f l a s h : We have long accepted the fact that our body changes throughout the month based on activity, weight gain, weight loss, "time of month", diet and even what we're doing between the sheets (it's true!). But why don't bra-makers realize that when our bodies are changing so do our boobs! Daily. Weekly. Monthly. Constantly. When you think of it this way, do you really think that adding a ½ size to your cup measurement is really going to solve it? We don't either. That's why our camis and demis are completely and totally different than anything else out there. They are made of amazing fabric with adaptive technology that adjusts ƚŢǀŢƢƅąŢčǀêŘčǐĕƿĕƍƺĸƚijǀŢƢ˴TŘĬêĆƚ˯ƺĕ̑ƹĕĭŢƚʫƂĕƅĬŢƅŖêŘĆĕąĕŘĕǏƚƍ to their 1 or 2… And last year we even broke the mold in Active introducing the game-changing Ǐƅƍƚĕƹĕƅ Sport Demiette ™ . Go ahead and get sweaty girls, we got you covered from 32-50 in every cup size. We know that any bra is still a bra–a construction of static cups, rigid bands and painful hardware–that will never be able to embrace the ever-changing you. And that's why we believe the best recourse is to ditch the bra and go with our camis and demis for a perfect ǏƚĕƹĕƅǀƚĸŖĕ˴ YOU ARE NOT a cup size

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